Simple Deposit Agreement

Deferred availability of funds for outgoing transfers and the purchase of cashier checks or other official cheques. Funds from deposited checks processed by the Federal Reserve System are available no later than the second business day following the day of deposit for outgoing transfers and the purchase of cashier or other official checks. This Agreement applies to all accounts opened by Simple, which you have or in the future with BBVA USA, and which are primarily used for personal, family or household purposes. By opening your account, making transactions on your account, or maintaining your account after receiving this agreement, you agree to the terms of this agreement. This agreement also includes the schedule of fees, any other agreements you enter into with us and other terms that will be made available to you on (the „Simple Website“) regarding your account. This Agreement also contains any new or amended provisions and disclosures we provide regarding your account. All these documents together are a contract between you and us. error; Unauthorized transactions and counterfeits. Our records regarding your accounts are considered correct, unless you notice to us in time that we have made a mistake.

It is important that all account errors (including no deposits or deposits that do not apply to your account), unauthorized transactions, modifications, unauthorized signatures, unauthorized or falsified confirmations, forgeries, coding errors, accounting errors (such as debits or credits reserved twice, direct debits reserved as direct debits), unauthorized or disputed fees (j) or other incorrect transactions on your account (referred to as „exceptions“) as soon as possible to Simple. Otherwise, we may not be responsible for exceptions. You agree to carefully review any account statement or communication you receive and to report any exceptions to Simple immediately upon receipt of the statement or other message. You agree to immediately and appropriately verify your statement or other communication and to report any deviation to Simple. If you do not report an exception to Simple within thirty (30) days after BBVA USA provides or makes available to you the statement or other communication, you agree that we are not responsible for any losses incurred by such exception and that you will not be able to subsequently dispute the transaction amounts and information contained in the statement. This means that if you do not report an exception to Simple within thirty (30) days after BBVA USA has provided you with the statement or other communications, we will not refund you any disputed amounts or losses you incur, including amounts lost by: payment of an unauthorized, falsified or altered item or payment for another item, Which has been altered or falsified by the same wrongdoer, if we paid for the other item before receiving a notification from you of any of these exceptions. Except as provided by applicable law, you also agree that we are not required to reimburse you for exceptions caused by your own negligence. Other rules may apply to items that are electronic money transfers. In any case, you agree to immediately refund us any amount mistakenly credited to your account and you authorize us to debit your account to obtain payment of a defective credit.

Our policy is to make money from your cash deposits, checks (excluding deposits made through the Simple Mobile Deposit Service) and electronic direct deposits that are available to you on the business day BBVA USA receives your deposit. Our availability plan for deposits via Mobile Deposit Capture (Photo Check) is available here….

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