Sublease Agreement Pennsylvania

You should check your original lease to see if you can sublet your apartment. It is recommended that a tenant receive written permission from their landlord prior to subletting in Pennsylvania. Once you have completed a Pennsylvania sublease agreement, you are responsible for your subtenant and you are responsible for violations of the original lease. We, the signatories, accept this subletting approval: Before you sign a sublet in Pennsylvania, find out what it contains and learn about the pros and cons of subletting. To save time and make sure everything is filled out correctly, we advise you to use our free Pennsylvania Sublease Agreement Builder before subletting your home or apartment. A subtenant must comply with the terms of the subletting agreement (as well as the original lease) and comply with all Pennsylvania laws regarding the eviction process, sureties, and all other owner-tenant affairs. The following services and/or ancillary costs are part of this supplementary contract: The tenant assumes the obligation to pay the rent and makes all rental payments to the lessor, unless otherwise indicated below. This amendment may be terminated in writing by either party at any time with a period of thirty days. A copy of the agreement between the lessor and the tenant is attached to this amendment and is included as complete. The subtenant undertakes to respect all the provisions of the contract between the lessor and the tenant and to be bound by them. Since the law does not specifically provide for subletting in Pennsylvania, the terms of your original lease apply if you wish to sublet the property.

If the original lease requires you to obtain authorization, you must do so before entering into a sublease agreement. They should consider obtaining permission from the lessor, even if the original lease remains silent on the matter, as this is a decision that affects them. After the termination of the contract, the tenant must evacuate and return the dwelling in the same condition in which it was kept, less appropriate wear and tear and other damage that is not subject to the tenant`s control. The parties to this agreement are,___________________________hereinafter___ Just because a rental unit is sublet does not mean that the responsibility of the original tenant decreases. The original tenant remains responsible for everything the subtenant does. If the subtenant tenant does not pay the rent on time or harms the rental unit, the original tenant is the one who is ultimately responsible. If a sublease is authorized under the original lease agreement, the lessor may not unduly refuse the authorization of a qualified subtenant. The application process must be successful and any other candidate should pass, including credit and substantive exams. The subtenant must have an income and have the financially strong and quality reputation that qualifies him for the conclusion of the sublease agreement. If you wish to withdraw from a sublease, you should refer to the sublease agreement to determine whether you have sufficient legal reasons to withdraw from the lease agreement and, if so, what procedures you should follow. The Pennsylvania SubLease Agreement is a written legal document that allows the primary tenant, with the permission of the lessor, to sublet the premises by sharing the unit or allowing the subtenant to take over the lease. The tenant would pay the rent directly to the main tenant.

The main tenant would then remain responsible for paying the full amount of monthly rent to the landlord.

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