Worldpay Iso Agreement

Hi Donald. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by holding your funds. Unfortunately, we are required to investigate certain transactions, but we would be more than happy to take a look at the status of the suspension with our risk department and also review your account to see what can be done to prevent a ban from happening again in the future (we may be able to require increasing the amount of your processing settings). Please provide us with your merchant ID and contact details via email to and we will contact you for more information. Hello Sherali. We apologize for having chargeback issues and would like to help. Please send an email to with your merchant ID number and someone will contact you. WorldPay has been a disaster for us from the beginning. The seller who hired us misled us about the fees and level of support we could expect from him and WorldPay. Any attempt to update our account details (business details, new bank account, etc.) has not been processed. Unknown amount limits were set in our account, which limited the high dollar transactions we processed on a regular basis. After dealing with an inappropriate service, we decided to terminate our contract prematurely.

Paying the cancellation fee was worth it. If you own a business: Do not work with WorldPay. Hello Kim, we apologize for the issues with your terminal and deposits and would like to address your concerns to see what can be done to fix it. Please send an email with your merchant ID number to and we will have someone to take care of it and contact you. Our complaint to worldpay is the rescheduling of fees if the customer has used magnetic stripe credit cards. The transaction must not be fraud; Worldpay never tells us that the customer has paid a fee. We have been with this processor since May 2011 and we are cancelling our contract. Over the past year, costs have continued to rise and customer service has continued to decline, which wasn`t great at first. It is impossible to speak directly to someone who can help or answer questions. If you cancel ANY agreement, it is best to send it by registered mail with an acknowledgment of receipt. Trying to cancel by phone becomes one,“ he said, she said! I am looking for a new processor and with our volume and I hope to find something better. It can`t be worse! I WOULDN`T RECOMMEND WORLDPAY TO ANYONE! I am based in the UK and have had a similar experience to those posted.


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